Ocassionally, it seems that  I am drowning in my grief. I focus on the smallest specks of darkness in my life; my back turned to the light that beams from the window. One adverse event takes priority, hogging my attention and clouding my thoughts.

When negativity traps me within its grasp, I try to remember the ten things that make me the happiest.

1. my diverse collection of books.

2. The special moments with my friend that will stay with me like a tattoo

3. Songs that seem like they were created just for me

4. The way my room looks at the twilight of the day. The sky’s orange spilling through my bedroom curtains.

5. Movies that unwrap me from my body and place me within the plot

6. Pictures that capture the moments that will always be mine

7. Laughing until my stomach muscle contract

8. The times when I realize that I was not born into my family by chance

9. Collect new experiences and gluing them into my internal novel

10. The realization that loves comes in many forms.

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