Sun Kissed Melanin

Dear  Melanin,

You are the history of a people. Drenched and deeply rooted in ancestry that was wrapped in robes and stripped to rags. Oppression, segregation, racism, and discrimination has outlined your foundation. Weighing heavily on your back, but strength is your first language. A lifetime of injustices and suffering cannot leave a dent in your black armor.

Dear Melanin,

You are desired, but not wanted by others. Many try to take your possessions and call it their own. From the braids and twists that acted as maps for runaway slaves, to the music that speaks to your culture, and the thickness of your lips and hips. When the music ceases to play, the party comes to an end, and the lights dim in a stadium, you are left alone. To others, you are a trend, not a lifestyle.

Sunkissed Melanin

Dear Melanin,

You are a community that thrives on individuality. Sewn into the skin of many, placing them into their own category.  With skin like the night sky, you mold into an indestructible army. Birthing fighters and warriors who can overcome all. Knowing that even the White House can be conquered.

Dear Melanin,

You are an individual. Like the body, you work cohesively, but you are created with different parts. Melanin you are the same but yet so different. The same pigmentation tattooed on different people. In your expression of individuality comes your strength

Rai Sunkissed Melanin Dear Melanin,

You are Beautiful. Dripping in chocolate gold and tied with ribbons drizzled with shea butter and coconut oil. You are a sun-kissed gift from the divine God. Many will try and steal the glow that lies upon your skin but understand that you are untouchable.


Dear Melanin,

You are an identity. From the tightly coiled curls upon heads to the feet that are stood upon. You are an adjective that describes beauty and grace. You are a storyline that creates a vivid picture. You can successfully answer “who am I,” but you will not define me.


Q melanin


Dear Melanin,

You are resilient

You are your own embodiment.

You are empowered

You are intoxicating

You are majestic

You are the start but not the end.

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