There once were two tribes of Chimpanzees and Baboons that coexisted in the jungle and lived under the strict rule of The Lion.

Chimps and Baboons lived separately from other animals across the pond. The Lion had given the tribes a plot of land where they could obtain all of their needs. Here, they had a watering hole and trees that bared fruit for them to eat.

On the second Afternoon of the month, The Lion would cross the pond and visit the two tribes. He would perch himself upon a rock proudly overlooking the tribes below him. On these particular afternoons, the tribes would send two representatives to listen to The Lion’s commands.

“You are looking as golden as the sun,” Chimp bolstered, Baboon rolled his eyes, Chimp was always eager to feed the ego of The Lion. “My tribe sends you many thanks,” Chimp continued.

“As does mine,” Baboon replied coolly.

The Lion ignored the two as he scanned the land before him.

“I have decided upon a new rule,” The Lion’s deep voice struck fear into the two animals, they waited with bated breath for him to continued.  “From this day forward,” he chewed on his words slowly, as if he was still forming his sentence.  Then, with his giant paw he pointed to the tree directly in front of him. “From now on, both tribes are only allowed to pick fruit from this tree.”

“W-What,” Chimp cried daring to look at The Lion for the first time since the start of the meeting. “B-But, both tribes use multiple trees because we all eat so much fruit.”

“We will all starve,” Baboon chimed in.

The Lion yawned and slouched upon his rock lazily. “My word is law,” is all he said.

Chimp and Baboon turned to each other, the candor they displayed for The Lion was gone. They turned to each other as foes and enemies.

“My tribe needs the tree, we use the branches as shelter,” Baboon said, his words dripping with agitation.

“Well my tribe uses the branches as shelter too,” Chimp countered. “Our tribe needs this fruit to feed our young.”

“Our elders need the fruit just as much as your young,” The Baboon said.

“Your elders have had the chance to live, our children must be strong!”  The Chimp smashed his fist into the ground and jumped on his hind legs.

Baboon moved his massive body so that he was on all fours, matching the Chimp’s aggression.

Fangs were bared.

fists were clenched.

“The Chimpanzee tribe will have ownership over this tree!” Suddenly Chimp charged at Baboon, striking the first move.

“My tribe will prevail,” Baboon countered.

The two started fighting. Punching, clawing, biting, kicking, pulling chunks of hair. They tussled on the dirt floor. Their high pitched war screams filled the empty land.

The Lion watched silently. He was surprised by the ferocity of the animals. If they were to combine their strengths, they could take down an elephant.

Chimp clung to Baboon’s chest, but Baboon tossed him off easily. Chimp rolled on the dirt floor and quickly jumped to his feet. Both were now bearing battle wounds. Blood was mattered in their dark fur.

Quickly, Chimp reached and grabbed a smooth rock that was embedded into the dirt. He charged Baboon but slammed the rock to his head. Baboon tumbled to the ground, and Chimp seized the moment and hopped on top of him. He raised the rock and gave the final blow to Baboon’s skull.

Chimp, now the successors, jumped off the corpse. He turned and limped back in the direction of his tribe, momentarily forgetting that he was in the company of The Lion.

“Wait,” The Lion roared immediately stopping Chimp. Chimp turned and dropped to his knee and ducked his head at the call of The Lion.

“You Monkeys are all the same! Nothing more than just dangerous and violent creatures.” The Lion stood tall upon the rock glaring down at the Chimp.

“I-I’m sorry I must protect my family,” Chimp pled in such a small voice that the Lion did not hear. He started panting, out of fear and tiredness.

“For your crime of killing Baboon, you are sentenced to death.”

Before the Chimp had time to react, The Lion jumped from his rocks and with a single swift motion, he swiped his claws against Chimp and watched as his body hit the ground.

Immediately, Chimp’s blood mixed with the blood of  Baboon.

The Lion licked the blood from his claws and yawned, suddenly very bored. He stepped over the two-bleeding corpses and glazed around the land to see if there were any other monkeys that cure his boredom, but the land was empty. Sighing, The Lion walked to one of the trees and climbed onto his hind legs to pull a piece of fruit from a branch. He munched on the sweet fruit slowly as he made his back across the pond.

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